(CrossLend) The European Securitisation Framework web session

vom 15. Juni 2021

15. Juni
11:30 - 12:45

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What will the European Commission’s action plan for the Capital Markets Union (CMU) mean for the securitisation environment as we know it, and what opportunities will arise from these changes? In this webinar, hosted by CrossLend, securitisation practitioners will explain how borrowers, originators, investors and other market participants will be impacted.

We will also have a closer look at the European securitisation market and recent trends.


Introduction (Steve Gandy)

The Capital Markets Union (Jochen Weiss)
Key messages of the CMU re securitisation and expected developments with the EU Commission’s new action plan. What does this mean for securitisations in Europe? How will any revised rules for securitisation or anticipated regulatory changes affect the market? What’s the timeline?

The Current Market Landscape (Holger von Keutz and Paul Péporté)
Examining the current environment for securitisation and the practical issues at play – does the regulatory framework proposed fit into the market participants’ requirements and expectations? How has COVID-19 impacted Europe’s securitisation market?

EU securitisation vehicles vs. other international regulatory structures (Holger von Keutz and Paul Péporté)
A summary of securitisation vehicles in Europe. Details about the EU Securitisation Regulation vs. other regimes; what is meant by that and are there differences in interpretation? Focus on Luxembourg, including on typical investment structures involving securitisation. What’s next in the Luxembourg market?

Regulatory / future evolutions of monotranche issuances (Jochen Weiss)
The EU Commission’s action plan on the CMU has, amongst other things, been pushing forward revised rules for “securitisation”. How do monotranche issuances fit into this regulation? What is the status on the regulatory side? What are the expectations for the imminent future in Europe? What could the European Commission’s new CMU action plan mean for monotranche securitisation?

Q&A session and summary

Moderator: Steve Gandy
Managing Director, Head of Private Debt Mobilisation Notes and Structuring for Santander Corporate and Investment Banking in London

– Jochen Weiss, Director Regulatory and Accounting Solutions at CrossLend
– Holger von Keutz, Securitisation Leader at PwC
– Paul Péporté, Partner at Allen & Overy



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