A membership provides you with benefits like:
– access to an exclusive network,
– free participation to working groups and our exclusive events,
– regular publications,
– a daily press review.

Any natural person or legal entity professionally entrusted with the acquisition, sale or servicing of non-performing loans and carrying out this position not only predominantly as the prime owner of the loan is entitled to become a member of the association.

Any natural or legal person who supports the association’s goals and wishes to encourage its efforts by making a financial contribution can become a supporting member.

Our executive committee decides about the admission as a member.
Applicants are not automatically entitled to membership.
The executive committee prioritizes membership applications from companies that are actively engaged in the German market as premium-quality providers.

Applications do not require any specific form and should be addressed to the president or head office.

You can also download an overview of the main benefits as a PDF file.



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